Our gelato is made using only the highest quality ingredients and contains no artificial colors or flavors. We start with only fresh, hormone-free whole milk and then go through the additional step of pasteurization again to further enhance the stability and texture of our gelato. This extra step is essential to achieve the smooth and creamy texture and flavor. Unlike most other gelato you can buy, we don't use a cold method with pre-mixed unflavored base. Every batch is made to order and unlike large bulk suppliers, we don't "manufacture" our product and keep it for long periods of time in warehouse storage freezer. Most times when completed, we deliver your gelato within 24-48 hours!

There is really no easy way to make truly artisan gelato. And we have no desire to take short cuts with our gelato. If you are interested in having the very best gelato for your establishment, contact us and we will be pleased to give you all the details.